Scones Jam and Daydreams..

We  don’t get a lot of visitors to our humble abode, but when we do, we like to go all out. My bride spent all of yesterday morning preening the house getting ready for our afternoon tea visitors. I think she got the impending arrival of our guests confused with a rental inspection. She had the house shining. She was shining.

Me well, I spent the morning in the kitchen baking scones. Not very macho really. Baking scones would not be much of a conversation starter at the local pub. I could just imagine myself propped up at the bar, a pot of that amber stuff in my hand and me explaining to all and sundry what a hard morning I’d had in the kitchen!  While other blokes would be talking about stripping down the paint work on a 72 Torana or building retaining walls out of sandstone blocks, I’d be explaining how I prefer to glaze with milk rather than eggs.

Sometimes I wish I was a mans man. Wish I could swing a hammer, hit a golf ball or make something other than a cheese and Vegemite sandwich. I’ve got three brothers who work in the building game. They put up pergolas, renovate bathrooms and  know the difference between a Ramset and a Philips head.

But at my age I guess I’ve got to face the fact that the handyman gene didn’t stretch as far as yours truly. While other bloke busy themselves Knocking stuff down and rebuilding, I’m at my best with a vacum cleaner a mop and some Spray and Wipe.

There I admit it, I love housework. I love baking scones. I’d sooner wash a car than drive it and I’ve got a bit of a crush on our new washing machine. I don’t go to the local pub, fact is I don’t even drink.

In my younger life I spent a lot of energy worrying about all the things I’m not. But at 56 I’ve finally stopped caring. I”m happy doing my thing. Happy not building a world but content to dust its edges.

The afternoon tea was a hit. The scones were light and golden. My bride was smiling like spring. Our visitors were friends from up the road and their son and daughter in law who are visiting from the states. We talked and laughed and got through a plate of my self-raising offerings.

Yep there’s more to life than hammers and construction. There’s more to friendship than talking about car restoration , and you can’t serve nails with a cup of tea. See Ya’s!


4 thoughts on “Scones Jam and Daydreams..

    • Dear Ailsa, I never thought of putting it on my CV! What a great idea. Thanks for reading my offering. Carolyn and I are looking forward to seeing you at Rupertswood. Warm regards, Barry.

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