I Can See The Sun.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to focus on writing today. I’m perched on the verandah of a holiday cottage in Daylesford. My bride and I are having a few days away to celebrate our anniversary. Right now, the love of my life is having a nap. This morning we trekked around the Botanical Gardens, had a coffee at a cafe in the main drag and perused the offerings of the local shops. We held hands, walked a lot, laughed, and savoured the fact that we had  all the time in the world. I bought a new belt  and a cake of hand made soap. Caz bought a woven tote bag and some purple paint for her next painting. They weren’t big purchases. They were just a small way of spoiling ourselves.

After our shopping trip we drove back to our little cottage, had lunch and pondered our good fortune. While I dozed behind the cover of a book, Caz got her craft thing happening. Outside our little hideaway a thunderstorm was brewing.  I was with a mate yesterday and we were bemoaning the fact that Sunbury never seems to get decent storms any more.  We remembered the storms of summers gone when after a few days of sweltering heat it’d get humid and thunder and lightning would break the sky open and down it came – heaps of rain.  Gutters became streams, washing got soaked and kids in thongs and shorts would be told to “get in out of it”.

Well here I am a day later, as I said, perched on a different verandah, watching and listening to a good old fashioned storm.  I’ve heard more thunder in the last half hour than I have for ages.  And the mass of grey clouds that rolled in after a hot morning are sending down the real thing.  The rain is tapping out a sweet tune on the tin roof.  The trees that surround the cottage are dripping with relief.  Yep, it’s a cool change – a bit like this holiday my bride and I are having.

Over the last ten years we’ve had our share of dry spells.  we’ve had times when worries of family life have built up like humidity in summer.  We’ve had our share of thunderstorms, where our opposing views clash like angry clouds.  And we’ve had tears fall like rain upon our parched souls.  But always after the anger, there’s a sense the air is cleared and things are starting afresh.  Ten years of marriage, ten years of life giving rain.  I’m going now cause my bride’s awake and I’m sure I can see the sun.


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